Safe, comfortable bus service

Tsubasa Transport always strives in earnest to provide our customers with safe, comfortable bus travel.
We are thorough and complete in our efforts, as seen in our internal education and training, our adherence to laws and regulations, the consideration we pay to safety, and the fact that the company has obtained a three-star safety rating.
Additionally, we provide our services with a “heart of hospitality,” so that our customers may spend their time with us in comfort.
From the newest in large buses down to minibuses, our fleet meets a wide range of customer needs.

Company overview

Company name Tsubasa Transport Inc.
Address (Headquarters & Reservation Center)
444-0004 10-1 Shimonono, Hobocho, Okazaki, Aichi
TEL 0564-55-2626
FAX 0564-55-2666
Representative Representative Director: Masahiko Hosoi
Description of operations Provision of buses for tourism or pick-up/drop-off activities
Establishment October 16, 2008
Capital 10,000,000yen
Number of employees 35(July 2018)
Number of vehicles 27

Greetings from our representative

Thank you for visiting our homepage. We at Tsubasa Transport offer our customers our sincere thanks for their continued patronage since the company’s 2008 establishment.
Since its founding, the company has continually worked towards greater safety.
We provide our services based on a foundation of management thoroughness, so that our customers may travel in a safe and enjoyable manner. You can look forward to a fun, comfortable bus experience.

Corporate philosophy
Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Tsubasa Transport Inc. advances forward
while placing importance on its bonds with its employees, customers, and client companies, as well as the surrounding regions.


October 2008 Company establishment, and commencement of service operation with six large buses and three compact ones
March 2009 New acquisition of four large buses
December 2010 Securing of vehicles, including minibuses, mid-size buses, and large buses
April 2011 New acquisition of two Gala buses of a new model, and one minibus
September 2013 Acquisition of 1-star Safety Bus certification
July 2015 Acquisition of one new Hino S’elega bus
September 2015 Acquisition of 2-star Safety Bus certification
September 2017 New company office building completion; Transfer of Headquarters & Reservation Center to Hobocho, Okazaki
September 2017 Acquisition of 3-star Safety Bus certification
July 2018 Increase in number of retained buses, to 18 large, two mid-size, and eight minibuses
January 2019 Homepage published

Tsubasa Transport Inc.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proclamation

Tsubasa Transport endorses the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations, and proclaims that it will carry out efforts to attain them.

January 14, 2021
Tsubasa Transport Inc.
Representative Director: Masahiko Hosoi

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